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Not so meh Monday Morning

angry_birdangry_bird Posts: 3,784
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Morning bumders

Bank holiday, doesn't actually affect me at all I don't think. Today will be bikes etc. just fixing them really, then maybe going to play them a bit but not too much. Was out on the roadbike yesterday and went much further than I've gone for a while so maybe a little bit of a rest.



  • Morning all, stuck in the office in the morning today due to V.A.T paying monkey not having even filed a assessment, meaning fines have come. Oh the joys! But yeah, guests coming later today, so must wait for the airport run call.
  • Morning Losers!

    Today is starting off as a meh as I have to go to work, albeit just for a short while, but to get up to find your housemates, who've been in all weekend, haven't bought any milk hasn't put me in the greatest of moods. Needless to say I've been banging doors about 'Oh sorry, did I wake you?'

    Later I'm off to collect a tarp that will fit my tent, then off out on a bike. Probably the road one as my knee is giving me a bit of grief after my swim the other day.

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  • cazmotroncazmotron Posts: 167
    Morning censored Moppers

    No bank holiday for me :( think we get one in September sometime though can't for the life of me remember when.
    Tried to fix my rear mech over the weekend and I seem to have made things worse so will spend today in office looking for a new one at a decent price as cash will be tight this month due to my mates wedding.
    Onwards to Coffee and possibly some bacon if I can be bothered to venture out in the rain
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  • bg13bg13 Posts: 4,598
    sat outside enjoying the sun, awaiting bacons, nice steady day then drive back to sth wales tonight! happy days!
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  • sheepsteethsheepsteeth Posts: 17,418 Webster
    hello cunts.

    ive been to work and knocked off already, just off to pick up a blackberry playbook and i still need to pack my censored for going away.

    just watched 21 jump street too, what a funny film.
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