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MaJeeKaMaJeeKa Posts: 24
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brief introduction, my name is paul and i live in port talbot, south wales. i am 40 and drive lorries for a living.

Just starting out and am looking for my first hardtail. Currently using a 13 year old british eagle storm which has no suspension and brakes that frighten the hell out of me on downhill sections, also half the gears dont work ( causes chain to come off cogs and jam). I plan on riding it at afan argoed ( very hilly and wet alot ) and any mountainous areas close by. My LBS has recommended a saracen mantra pro for 500 quid, which i like the look of but as im new i aint got a clue what is good or bad. My budget is proberly 600 tops. If this bike is bad, then any bikes you reccommend please.

thanks in advance,


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