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Wheel upgrade?

ALaPlageALaPlage Posts: 732
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There is lots of advice I've found on wheel upgrades which has sort of led me to think about buying some Fulcrum 3's. Has anyone any experience of these wheels and what would you say about them? Should I spend the extra £200 on Fulcrum Zero's?

I ride long distance and do 100 mile Sportives. I would like to have a go at club TT's next year.

I used to have Bontrager X lite wheels which I loved but sold with my old bike. The Ultegra wheels that came with the new Madone just don't seem to roll as well as my old wheels and in the last month they have gone out of true twice. I've had them re-trued under the warranty but have lost confidence in them.
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  • calmx5calmx5 Posts: 230
    I think with the kind of money you want to spend you should look at the planet x wheelset range. For less than the price of the 3's you can get a good trusty alu/carbon wheelset hand built, which come in much lighter than even the zeros.

    This option might be better for TTs
  • alistairdalistaird Posts: 290
    I've got the Fulcrum 3's and have had no problems with them. Got a good deal on them when I was building up my bike from bits... Not compared them with the Planet X range though so can't comment.


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  • arlowoodarlowood Posts: 2,561
    With your budget I'd be looking at a set of handbuilts using Chris King hubs or similar.

    That way you can specify exactly what you want in the way of spoke count, rim profile etc.
  • Try fulcrum 1 at Merlin for £475.
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