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Cheap Dura-ace rear derailleur

SpermWizard3000SpermWizard3000 Posts: 61
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With Dura-ace bringing out its new 11-speed later this year, surely the 10-speed Dura-ace may be slashed down a bit. I have full grey Ultegra 6700 and just wondered if anyone had seen any deals on a Dura-ace rear derailleur yet as its the only part I feel is worth upgrading. Would be helpful to know peoples thoughts regarding whether I will notice the difference marginally. Cheers


  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    I think shifters/crank would be the only thing worth looking at. Rear D may save a bit of weight, but more in the crank.
    Shifters tell rear D what to do so you may feel some benefit there. FWIW I was looking at getting DA7800 (the one before the current, 10 sp 7900) as the reviews of the shifters were much more positive. Still pricey though!
  • itboffinitboffin Posts: 20,050
    I have a pair of 7800 shifters and can not tell the difference to my 5600 (105) shifters, actually that's not completely true the down shifts are slightly less cluncky but barely and defo not worth the difference in price.
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  • BozmanBozman Posts: 2,518
    I've got 6700 on one bike and 7800 on the other, DA7800 is in a different league, it's so smooth and light that I've even thought about ditching the Ultegra 6700 and buying the older 7800.
    Then again the 6600/5600 are better than the latest gen, I'm hoping that the 2nd generation of the latest Shimano shifters are a step up, you may lose the unsightly cables with the latest gen but this comes at an expense.
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