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Caad10 Sizing Question

grechzoogrechzoo Posts: 49
edited August 2012 in Road buying advice
I ordered in a cadd10 105 54cm into my LBS and test rode it today. The sizing was a little too big for me, the reach to the drops was too far, and the saddle had to be lowered quite a bit for me to get on it and even then only my toes could reach the floor.

i have three hopefully simple questions as they dont have a 52cm available.

1: Does the saddle height and the fact i can only balance on my toes matter or is that fine?
2: Will getting a shorter stem be the solution to the drop bar reaching issue?[/list]

3: Would it be advisable to do the above, basically mod my way around a bike that is essentially 2 cm too big for me? Consider I'm spending 1050+.

Or should I leave it and look for other alternatives (Boardman Team might just be what i go with then, as long as i know 100% how to make sure im fitted properly before I buy)

i love the bike otherwise, beautiful and rides brilliantly, so this is why im looking for potential solutions.
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  • wongataawongataa Posts: 1,001
    The way to get the seat height about right is to out your heel on the pedal in its lowest position and your leg should be straight. Doing this you find it is hard to sit on the seat and get more than your toes touching the floor. If you want to get a foot on the floor you have to come off the seat.
  • grechzoogrechzoo Posts: 49
    good, so that was about right then.

    so you think just getting a shorter stem will then size me up perfectly?

    how much are stems , what brand and quality to i need to match it up with the caad10, and wlil it do the trick 100%?
    Bikes: CAAD8 105, CAAD10 105.
  • CrankbrotherCrankbrother Posts: 1,695
    What size stem do you currently have?

    I have a 100mm Cannondale C3 one that came off my SuperSix that you can have for free if you want it ... If you think you need anything shorter the I'd say you have the wrong size frame ...

    In terms of buying a matching stem ... I'd get an FSA one as it will match the cranks ... I bought FSA team issue bars/stem/pin for my S6 ... Not cheap (nearly £300 all in) but they look the business and make the bike look a lot less 'new out the box' ...
  • grechzoogrechzoo Posts: 49
    thanks for the offer, i think Caad10 54cm comes with 100mm though.

    with the saddle lowered, i have the perfect straight leg pedal down reach , with toes on the floor when im on the saddle. with a 800mm stem i feel like the reach would be perfect.

    so with both of these factors would you still say its not a good idea because the frame overall is probably too big? what other factors go into good sizing? (ill need to know if i go for the boardman as an alternative for sure, cause noone at halfords will :))

    all the advice on this is so gratefully appreciated, im this close to finally getting a bike. kind of want it to be the caad10 but not if it will cause my body pain in the long run.
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  • CrankbrotherCrankbrother Posts: 1,695
    If you think you need an 80mm stem then I'd be taking the bike back and search for one in the next size down ...

    Or if you insist the bike is fine and/or you're desperate to keep it then make the shop swap out the stem to your size ... I'd go for a minimum of 90mm stem though ... A few rides in and you'll soon get used to tne reach ...

    In all honesty you would be better to spend an extra £100-200 to get the right size frame ... And maybe that extra cash would get you the next model up if you hunt around ...
  • Grez - turn the standard stem upside down, so it's pointing "up" to also get a 10mm shorter stem. Just like East Street Cycles did for me on my Cad 10 on Thursday. And thanks again for starting the "other" thread and for your help! Happy bunnies all round...
  • grechzoogrechzoo Posts: 49
    thanks guys,

    i cant add another 300, this was at the very extreme of my budget. with that in mind im looking for ways to make this work, but if the consesus is that the bike is too big for me, i dont want to push myself into buying something so expensive that isn;t going to fit me properly.

    ill ring the shop up, and suggest, flipping the steam, or making it a 90mm one.a nd give it another ride tomorrow.

    if im still not comfortable on the drops on flats then ill have to go for the boardman team properly fitted, (as all sizes are in stock there)
    Bikes: CAAD8 105, CAAD10 105.
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