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Friston Forest Endomondo Challenge

edited August 2012 in XC and Enduro
The Friston Double-who's the fastest,or maybe more importantly, who's the fastest out of you and your mates?There are some great trails in Friston so for a bit of fun I've decided to sponsor a competition to see who is the fastest through two of the best known trails in Friston. Up for grabs is £40 to spend with the fabulous Cyclotek( on parts/clothes/labour ( any parts etc from Uk Bikestore)
To enter you must have access to a device that can upload to the free site
Endomondo. This can be an I-Phone or most android phones. You can also upload from a Garmin

Login/Register for endomondo and search for "Friston Double" in the challenges section. Join it and follow the instructions on how to add the route as a favourite. Take a note of the rest of the instructions and off you go.

This is the first time i've done this so I hope it works. Any feedback on how it all works or anything I can add greatly appreciated. Although i've logged the route on Strava i'm not going to link it in this time.
Have fun and most importantly be safe!
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