Incorrect Strava Category?

Graeme Jones
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What do you guys think?

I can not see 421ft of elevation or 20% grade hill. I don't remember it on the ride and you would at 20%! If you look at the graph below it doesn't show anything like it?


  • cougie
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    Yes - a lot of them are bobbins for height.
  • buckmulligan
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    Strava said I climbed a 258.9% climb on my short commute through Central London:

    As flattered as I was, I don't think that's very accurate! I use Endomondo because I like the route plotting function, admittedly the interface isn't as slick as Strava, but I've never had any problems with the mapping like this. I don't like the 'segments' feature that seems to dominate strava as well; for me, cycling isn't about gunning it for a 200 metre 'segment' then lazing about on your fat ass for the next 20 km. I don't want to see every screen of the app and the website clogged up with leaderboards of a load of strangers' (often blatantly fraudulent) segment times.

    ETA I just noticed that Strava gave me a max speed of 76 kmph on that ride, that's got to be a new land speed record for a Boris Bike!!!
  • lc1981
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    Take a look at the segment page: That doesn't look right at all!