Bianchi Reparto corse road bike?

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Hi All

As im looking to get a new MB and don't go out on the road bike near enough as i use/want to any more :( im thinking of selling my Bianchi Reparto corse road bike but as i have had it for quite along time im not sure how much i should stick it on ebay for, as paid alot for it back in the day but not sure how much i would get for it now :?: Has been well looked after but has not been ridden in about 3 years so think some one else should enjoy it.


Thanks for your time. :mrgreen:


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    You could try putting it in the Classifieds section first, save on eBay fees.

    Edit: search eBay for the same bike and put a Watch on them, see what they sell for.

    I would warn against shipping it though, once it leaves your house in a box you are open to the buyer claiming that it arrived damaged. Even if you have taken insurance on shipping, if they didn't note the damage on delivery you can't claim and then you will have to pay to get the bike back or have it repaired. Stick to Cash On Collection.
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    By the look of it, it's about 10 years old and whilst you may have paid a grand for it, it'll only be worth a few hundred asa whole bike, particularly as the market for aluminium alloy frames is more bottom-market and Bianchis of this era had a propensity for breaking in two. If you want to get the most money, split the bike, i.e. frame, wheels & parts etc and sell them separately.
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