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upgrade or new bike?

JucJuc Posts: 3
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Hi all,

I have a budget of about £500 for a road bike (for leisure / commuting). My current bike is a Giant OCR3 (I think 2009).
After moderate use and no crashes in 3 years I think the Giant frame is still fine - so would it be better to keep the Giant frame / forks and spend the budget on new wheels, chainset etc (and any labour to put it together) or should I forget about the old Giant frame and just get a new bike such as ?



  • crescentcrescent Posts: 1,199
    It's a diffcult decision when you have a good, reliable bike to start with - been there! I would suggest that the Felt bike you are looking at, although perfectly fine, is probably not much of an upgrade on your Giant. Without sounding derogatory, £500 is towards the budget end of road bikes. If it were me, I would probably work on building up the budget a bit more and then upgrade to something with a more significant change in specification.
    For what it's worth, I ended up keeping my original bike and bought a new frame, groupset etc over a few months and built my new bike that way. Admittedly, not everyone's cup of tea but not a bad way of going about it if you fancy a bit of DIY and it lets you phase the spending as well.

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