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MTB clothing??

Martin_colMartin_col Posts: 14
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So after flicking through mbuk and seeing an add for I thought I'd check there sight as I would like a pair of riding shorts and trousers. Now I don't no if I'm a tight git but it looks like we're talkin around £150 +/- for a pair of each. Is there any other sites anyone can suggest where maybe I can get a little more for my money? I don't want anything fancy but the shorts should be 3/4's preferably. Or, am I tight as the wife says?


  • 220si220si Posts: 1
    Stif are having a sale on some stuff.

    But to be honest most MTB stuff is quite ruggied with either breathable materials or hard wearing sections so most of the time beats the shorts from Next for £20.

    I think my endura shorts were £60 with a padded liner and my fox jersey for £40 so all in £100. Have lasted a year and no sign of damage of failings even after some dubious crashes and numerous wash cycles in the machine.


  • grenwgrenw Posts: 788
    I've got Endura Singletracks in both types - would come out around £100 if you paid full price. Think I paid around £75 of which £25 was for the shorts - new in packaging from eBay. They also do 3/4s as well.

    PS Go a size up as well. They're a bit snug
  • omegas wrote:
    Lidl next week you can kit yourself out for £50 ... /index.htm

    Haha, thought you were taking the piss til I clicked the link. I thought horse riding gear in tesco was random! I guess it's a case of you get what u pay for as usual eh?
  • YeehaaMcgeeYeehaaMcgee Posts: 5,740
    Actually, no. Some (not all) Lidl/Aldi stuff is quite high quality.
  • jeannot18jeannot18 Posts: 720
    Just take your time and wait for a bargain. For example got a pair of Endura Hummvee for £33 from CRC last week. For a top you don't have to spend that much. I managed to get a couple of £10 motocross top on Ebay, or some short sleeve ones for a £ from Dare2b. As mentioned Lidl and Aldi have some half decent biking stuff for a very reasonable price
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  • paul.skibumpaul.skibum Posts: 4,068
    A pair of Fox Sergeants are my go to shorts - solid, good looking, just below knee length on me and tough as - I have xc and hd ridden in them for the last year and they have another year in them I reckon. RRP in UK is £72.

    As for trousers - who the hell wears trousers to ride in unless you are Sam Hill and race DH for a living. I bought a pair of long lycra pants years back for winter riding in UK and they were so hot I wore them once.
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  • RoostoidsRoostoids Posts: 128
    I have a few bits from 'TENN' which I purchased from Amazon. The prices were excellent compared to what some of the mainstream companies charge and the quality is still there, particularly in the tops.

    I think shorts are more tricky, it's all about the fit and everyones a different shape so you can be lucky or unlucky. But I agree with the original poster, £100 for a pair of shorts is far too expensive - fine, they last a few years, so do a pair of jeans and they don't cost that much, are hard wearing, and get worn a helluva lot more than cycling shorts.

    I'll be in Lidl on Monday too, arm warmers will come in very handy for the winter months on the road bike :D
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  • bails87bails87 Posts: 13,317
    The Tenn MTB jersey I've got is good quality for the ~£12 I paid. Their road jerseys are a bit naff though, very shiny material, with an odd fit. Very big around the belly and short arms, unfortunately I fit 'Italian' shaped stuff (long and slim) so I rarely use them. I'll probably buy another MTB top though.

    The Lidl stuff looks pretty decent, I'll be stocking up.

    The Dare2B stuff also looks very good, you have to buy direct from their website unless you happen upon some stuff in TK Maxx, but that's not really a problem.

    As for being too warm in bibtights? Just how cold was it? I mostly wear stuff like that for commuting, so windchill is more of a factor than with the lower speeds of MTB, but I've worn roubaix (fleecy) bib tights plenty of times on the MTB in the middle of winter and not been too hot. I agree about trousers though, it just seems wrong to wear 'long' trousers on a bike for anything more than a bimble to the cornershop!

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  • i have a bike jersey (imagine it's a roadie one) , when i ride i always wear my 3/4 length addidas trackies as they have zip pockets, walking socks as they've nice and comfy in my shimano spd shoes, one of those nike body warmers i use when i play football. Normal clothing is fine i reckon, no need to buy into the really pricey stuff imo
  • stubsstubs Posts: 5,001
    These guys do some quality cheapish gear
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  • BigchrisBigchris Posts: 131
    I wear old nike shoes, north face shorts (£10 salerack) random t shirt, boxers, socks. I take a random hoodie or top I case it gets cold. Manc style.

    I do need to get some proper shoes, im fighting to keep my feet on the pedals constantly and waterproof jacket for when the winter hits though. Might give the aldi jacket a go. I inherited one of the cycling tops of my father a while back and the quality is top tbh.

    and wearing trousers is wrong :S wth do you fellas do in winter...i see alot of mountain bikers wearing them Lycra that's wrong!
  • stubs wrote:
    These guys do some quality cheapish gear

    Cheers for this, they have what looks like a decent pair of 3/4 shorts for £35.
    I was thinking trousers for the winter months nov-feb. is that really so crazy?
  • stubsstubs Posts: 5,001
    3/4 trousers are great for winter you really dont want to expose your knees anywhere near freezing point or you can suffer from painful clicky crunchy knees later in life. I speak from experience :(
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  • I bought shorts and gloves from Decathalon - cheap as and great quality. I bought a cycling jersey and shorts from Lidl - very good - shorts not so good....
  • scarbs85scarbs85 Posts: 170
    Sportsdirect have some good bargains. Most stuff about £10 - £15 for padded baggies, jerseys, liners etc. I've used a few bits and they have held up pretty well.
  • Puggy73Puggy73 Posts: 8
    I got myself to my local Lidl and snapped up a few pieces from their offers, they seem good quality considering the price, great for beginners anyway to cover a gap until i feel like spending more would be worth it. Not tested them yet mind.
  • After reading this I also went to Lidl and got a few things. Love the jacket, fits great and Will be good for the cooler weather.
  • JB69JB69 Posts: 7
    Good tip on the Lidl jacket - need one now we're into autumn/winter but i didn't want to spend too much so i'll have to track one of those down. I've recently returned to the biking fold. Wondered if anyone has any advice on shoes? I've been wearing a pair of old trainers but my feet got soaked this weekend and it was freezing this monring. Was thinking about getting some waterproof walking shoes - Sports Direct seem to do some around the £25 mark which is around my budget.
  • 97th choice97th choice Posts: 2,305
    I bought shorts and gloves from Decathalon - cheap as and great quality. I bought a cycling jersey and shorts from Lidl - very good - shorts not so good....


    The decathlon stuff is great value, and I've had end off season stuff for a few quid. However, whatever material the shorts are never quite cleans up when they get muddy, so you always look like you've sh&t yourself.
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  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,748
    Aldi gloves and Mitts hold up well, certainly the mitts lasted longer than my Pro's.....

    I wear a motorcross top over what I wear to keep warm as it's light and airy and almost indestructable!

    I wear just cotton shorts on my commute, bought used, done over 1300miles each, no sign of wear!
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