Which bike should I buy.. (thanks in advance)

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Hello all,

New to the biking scene, although I have been cycling for a long time and do a short commute to work daily (about 5 miles in total each day). I currently own a Carrera Subway Ltd Edition, it is a decent low-end hybrid and is fine for the everyday commute but I am about to partake in a 88 mile cycle ride and was also looking for a faster bike for some more recreational activity during the weekends.etc.

Could anyone recommend me a bike? I was seriously contemplating a Giant FCR Alliance or TCR Alliance as both can be bought for either £600 or £750. However after reading several threads, sounds like perhaps those bikes might be too 'hardcore' for me. I then heard about the Giant Defy 2 which is meant to be more comfortable and less of an extreme racer.

Anyone got any suggestions?

I want a bike which will be very bike user friendly, I am not a massive fan of those 'funny' handlebars and the brakes in those positions but want a decent bike with good speed. Also want to be able to weave in and out of traffic so good stability, and a bike which wouldnt collapse if I hit a pothole or a small bump/rock in the road (oxford roads are rubbish). I wish I could be more technical with my explanations. My plan is to most probably keep my hybrid for daily work commute (I don't want my new bike stolen!) and then use the new road bike when I have a longer commute or there is somewhere safe to lock it up!

I have pretty strong legs and actually keep my bike in top gear all the time even climbing up hills (whether that is stupid or not I'm not sure). Anyway I will stop babbling now, any help will be greatly appreciated. Price range will be a ABSOLUTE max of £750 but hopefully much less! Thanks in advance

Just to add I'd prefer not have to buy those special shoes for cycling and also I don't care what brand it is, as long as it is good quality (no cheap China rubbish), I prefer value over cheapness. I'd also like to be able to fit mudguards and don't want something with too much radical geometry (like extreme head down, buttocks up.etc)


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    I went into the bike shop today and they dissuaded me from getting a road bike, said i should get a Sirrus Elite? Are these any good?
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    tianuk3 wrote:
    I went into the bike shop today and they dissuaded me from getting a road bike, said i should get a Sirrus Elite? Are these any good?

    What did you say that led them to dissuade you from getting a road bike?

    What they have recommended is another hybrid and will not really give you a significantly different experience from what you are riding at the moment.

    I would suggest that you stick with your idea of the Giant Defy 2 - it would be an excellent introduction to "road bikes" with its more relaxed geometry and mix of good components.

    Others to consider are the Trek 1.2 or the Boardman Road Comp. The latter is slightly above your budget but Halfords do regularly discount their bikes so you may be able to pick one up within budget.

    http://www.jejamescycles.co.uk/trek-12c ... 74344.html

    http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stor ... yId_165710

    If you want to expand your experience and enjoyment then do try for a test ride on some or all of the above suggestions - I don't think you will be disappointed.
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    Cube Peleton Race would be my recommendation. 105 groupset, a good standard of Easton wheels and decent finishing kit. Great value.

    However build a shortlist of bikes in budget and go find them to try for size, feel and fit.

    Have fun.
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    They just said that as I wanted to weave in and out of traffic.etc it would be a bad idea to get a roadbike and I should stick to a hybrid albeit a lighter one than I currently own. You guys are probably right, I could stick to upgrading my hybrid at the moment then getting a road bike too perhaps.. I'll have a look at all those suggested, thanks for the helpful advice!