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theraggyonetheraggyone Posts: 147
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Hi everyone , ive been reading and enjoying this forum alot over the last two weeks so I thought I would sign up and introduce myself .my names bill ,im 36 and ive only just become obsessed with my mountain bike im a bit late to the party I know lol. But untill very resently I had a very uncomfortable cheap mountain bike/ toy which I loathed riding .two weeks ago that all changed though when I brought myself a cannondale sl4 new for a good price and im totally in love with much so that im already looking at upgrades.when I brought it ,it was really for exersize purposes but that has completely changed now and I am out on it as much as my girlfriend and one year old son allow.

Unfortunatly I live in Cambridge which is about as flat as it gets in this country but im really enjoying exploring the local bridalways / footpaths and getting off the roads / towpaths as much as possable and racking up the miles :D


Not a mountain in sight but lots of XC to explore


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