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Hi all , new to MTB scene need advice on limited budget

CogslyCogsly Posts: 13
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Hi all , new to the MTB scene and am desperate to earn my wings. Im not overly flush and its not beyond my bounds to save more for a better bike if need be ive been looking at a 6.3 rockrider and a carrera kraken although i cant see the age of this 1 , link : ... 1e714258ba

I have about £250 to spend but i didnt want to blow it all cos i want a helmet and gloves etc.

Am i looking at the right gear here? Im 5'10 and weigh 77 kilo.

Like i said i do want to get out there and enjoy light to mid trails i have close to home but nothing unrealistic. Would any of these bikes be up for it. I did like the look of the kraken but im wondering if thats a bike thats 'too old' ?
Ive read alot of reviews and im totaly confused.
thanks in advance from a confused 41 yr old!


  • Myster101Myster101 Posts: 856
    If you can afford it go for the 6.3 Rockrider. Gets great reviews for the price.
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  • CogslyCogsly Posts: 13
    edited August 2012
    Sorry for reposting and probably making my initial post now useless but having had time to think and check out whats what down at my local halfords AND reading the little gold stickers on the back of cheaper forks that quite frankly now have me thinking that im gunna save some more cash and go for something more worthy that will last.
    Ive considered second hand but tbh i have no idea what im buying so most likely will end up with a pig in a poke.
    So after bending the wifes arm and possibly taking advantage of some int free at pauls cycles im considering one of the following.
    can someone with more knowledge pls comment on whats what in the bang for buck way please.

    1. ... 1b0s2p3411
    2. ... 1b0s2p3693 <<< edited out due to size (thx cooldad)
    3. ... 1b0s2p3234 <<< really liking the look of this 1

    Sorry for asking again and thx in advance
  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,601
    You might want to check sizes first.
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  • CogslyCogsly Posts: 13
    Ok so im 5'10 and just about as average as u get. Ive sat on a few that have been classed as medium and they seem fine. I did sit on 1 large but it wasnt set up for me and the guy was 6' so i dunno. Ive built power house pc's with less variables than this lol.
    Thx for your reply anyway Cooldad every little bit of info and questioning helps.
  • CogslyCogsly Posts: 13
    Hi all. Man its a really hard to find the right bike. Ive totaly thrown budget out the window but i think ive finaly setled on this : ... e-ec030843

    Ive squeezed the price down to £570. Ive been to the shop. The mid feels right (the large seemed to make me stretch just a tad to far). I am all but saying yes and as the guy has said the price reflects the fact the new models come out soon. Buying last years bike wont bother me at all. Its the last in stock its the black / green 1 which i wanted. Should i be trying to haggle further ? Is it a case of the price really falling off when the new ones come out?
  • paul.skibumpaul.skibum Posts: 4,068
    It's not bad for 570 although the fork is a tad basic and the gears are mostly alivio which is kind of the bottom of the parts barrel. That said all shimano stuff works pretty well and alivio will shift your gears fine for a good while.

    I am looking at the Evans website from Canada so my prices may not include VAT but it is showing as 525 quid on their website down from RRP of 582.50? Even with VAT 570 doesnt seem a huge saving.

    I am sure the Decathlon rockrider 8.1 a better equipped bike for less money - But if you need finance or whatever I dont think Decathlon are your boys.
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