Dieppe to Paris via D915

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Proably in the wrong section, however does anyone have any experience of riding the D915 to from Paris to Dieppe?

Group of friends & I are looking at catching the overnight Newhaven to Dieppe ferry & riding in to Paris in order to catch the finish of the TdF on the Champs Elysee next year.
However I understand this road can be quite busy & also that cylists are not aloud on most of the main roads into Paris?
Any advice greatly received.



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    I did this route last year but I'm not sure if i was on D915 or an alternative road. It sounds very familiar and my recollection is that the road I did take was fine. I'll have a look at a map later and see if I can be sure on it though.
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    I just checked. I didn't use the D915, I used the D1 that runs parallel but slightly north of that road.

    It was a quiet and scenic route that took me straight to Beauvias where I was staying that night. Perfect for me but maybe not as good for you depending on your route.

    I can imagine the D915 would be busier in comparison though.
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    Have a look at the BHF site, they are doing a Paris to London ride which goes up to Dieppe. You could do the reverse of that.

    Alternatively, you can contact me in 3.5 weeks and then look at my Garmin trace, as I am doing it :)
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    This is how we left Paris (there are a few little errors in this route - footpaths etc) to get to Isle d'Adam.


    Then this is how left Isle d'Adam to get to Dieppe.


    The first bit on the A16 was a bit pants but the rest of the route was great especially the drop down into Dieppe.

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