Can't get cleats off!

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Need to replace the cleats or at least swap them over so I got the allen keys out, then realised one of the bolts slip about so much I can't physically get it loose...

Any advice? A new shoe is out of the question.....


  • Wirral_paul
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    The allen key is not gripping the bolt head, or the captive nut in the shoe is spinning??
  • yeachan153
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    Allen key not gripping. Allen key is fine, the bolt however.. Only distinctly looks hexagonal compared to the other bolt heads.

    I hope new cleats come with new bolts..
  • Wirral_paul
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    Usually they do yeah. You're going to need at least one anyway. Depending what tools you have, theres a few ways to get the bolt out.

    Hacksaw to cut down the cleat then cut a slot in the bolt and then get a large screwdriver on it.
    Drill the head off and grip the remains in mole grips, after the cleat is out of the way
    Weld something to the bolt head (yes i did this once!)

    I'm sure others will have their tips also.
  • snoopsmydogg
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    get a torx bit slightly larger than the allen key you are using and tap it into the bolt. it should give enough grip to get the bolt out without having to cut anything
  • yeachan153
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    Thanks I'll give that a go in the morning; hopefully I didn't tighten the thing stupidly tight. Can't believe the cleats are worn out after ~800 miles
  • DF33
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    Can't get Cleat off?
  • nwmlarge
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    could you hammer a 12point socket over the top or is the clearance too tight?