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Has anyone ever bought a bike from them? A friend of mine wants to buy this. ... ctid=65029

Our local bike shop cant get one in the size she needs. 54. They can only get next years model, but she doesn't like the colours.

So just woundering if anyone has any feed back on them?



  • Beatmaker
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    They are just down the road from me. They always seem friendly enough and they stock a wide range of brands. No complaints.
  • mike306
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    Cool, thanks for the info. Sounds like there a ok lot then.
  • Beatmaker
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    They also own the Specialized Concept Store which is located right door, so you can rely on them for Specialized bikes 100%!
  • I bought my Pina FP2 from them. They were very helpful, changed the wheels for me when I bought it and have always been helpful since. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another bike from them.


  • ALaPlage
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    I bought my Trek Madone from them. Dealt with a guy called Simon who was really helpful and friendly and got a good deal with some add ons including swapping the stock Bontrager tyres for Schwalbe Ultremos.

    Would recommend them.
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  • gezebo
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    Online I'm sure they are fine.

    Instore I've found very hit and miss. Look like a cyclist or rich- all over you like a rash with generally helpful advice.

    My girlfriend however went there with cash to spend (over a k) and they didn't want to know. Ended up going to the other shop up the road. Edge? Very helpful there.

    Bikefactory and spesh concept store are effectively the same shop