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New Computer: Polar CS500 or Garmin Edge 500?

MefsterMefster Posts: 54
edited August 2012 in Road buying advice
My Polar S625X watch appears to have finally died. Intermittent HR and speed- todays ride started with a speed of 124km/h and a HR of 240 before it packed up: I'm guessing that was a little inaccurate!

I don't do as much running now so want to get a new bike computer. The features I would like are:
2. Cadence
3. Heart Rate
4. Altitude/Total Ascent
5. The ability to use on a turbo trainer

I also like the ability to download data to software to software so I can record and monitor training, and the option of fitting to a second bike.

I'm not overly bothered with mapping- the few times this has been needed I usually have an iPhone with me. Not too concerned with power meter compatibility- I can see I'll ever be in the market for this at current prices.

The Polar CS500 and Garmin Edge 500 seem to be the 2 best options. I'm aware that lots of comparisons err towards the Edge, but often this is related to mapping or power- both of which are not key issues for me.

The Polar sensors do not have replacable batteries, but from my experience they seem to last a long time.

Does anyone who owns either of these computers and have any advice?

Thanks in advance!


  • MefsterMefster Posts: 54
    After reading the recent bad review of Garmin customer service, along with higher cost (especially to get HR and cadence) I'm swinging towards the Polar CS500, especially as I can use it on a turbo trainer.

    Any final input before I purchase?

  • CalpolCalpol Posts: 1,039
    I have the Garmin. I think its one the best cycling related purchase I have made. It does everything I need it to do and more. Uploading data is a cinch and whether you use Strava or Garmin Connect to analyse your data is up to you. I use Strava. I wouldnt be too put off by the odd post on here regarding Garmin customer service. They sell bucket loads of these things and occasionally you will get the odd problem. I bet 99% of people have no issues and don't post it on a forum. I don't see too many of the pro peloton using Polar and I don't know too much about them. Does the Polar have GPS?
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