Coloured Lights?

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So, at night the high way code says you must have a white light on the front and red on the back (you must also have 4 orange pedal reflectors, which surprised me, SPD pedals have none!!). Which is all well and good, but!

I was just curious about light on the actual rider (or a runner, pedestrian etc etc). Does anyone know if the same rules apply?

I was quite interested in supporting the Halo Belt kickstarter project, and quite fancied the blue belt for various reasons (including photographical); however I'm thinking this could be a risky colour to use on the road with a bike in terms of the police point of view etc...

Does anyone know or have any idea on the rules for peds, runners, and riders? Is it best to stick with the Red version as the belt will primarily be seen from the rear...?


Highway Code: ... /dg_069837

Kickstarter Link: ... sport-belt


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    Probably best to stick with red i would think, given that other road users will at leaost know that you are in front of them. don'
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    I've seen marshalls wearing similar blue belts. If it was me I'd go for red - less confusion possibilities for motorists.
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    SH4RKY wrote:

    Thanks for the link.

    I wanted something like this to put around a black rucksack when I commute at night, in addition to the usual rear LED light that I attach on the seatpoast. However, the website made me think... Are these even in production yet? And for a belt they were asking for a pledge of $75 and international postage add another $15. Which converts to a whopping pledge of £57 for a belt.

    The photos on the website of hommies from the west side playing basketball and skateboarding while wearing safety belts, made me laugh... I can't see it ever happening. But the chick in the photos is lovely.
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    haha, yeah, she is the guys GF :)

    No, not in production yet, but thats the whole idea of kickstarter. Crowdsourced funding for upstart ideas etc.

    It probably is a little expensive, yeah. To be honest, I was thinking the same as you, wrapping my bag with the belt.... and it if was going to do that, then I guess you could probably just buy some of the tape they mention in the video (bound to be some on ebay or something) and just have the 'large AA inverter' in the backpack. :)

    Infact i just looked for some tape etc, and found the tape easily enough. and just found some AA inverters too. although, all in you its about 10-20£ for the inverter and 20-40£ for the tape. So, with the leg work done by them to shrink the inverter, create a simple snap belt, and increase brightness by tweaking to "creates a brighter illumination with a restructured fiber optic and upgraded LED system", its probably worth the asking cost if you want an item like they are advertising :)
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    Roll of 3M reflective tape? stick it where you want inc seatpost,chainstays blah blah
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    From a visibility point of view on a bike you are probably better getting the little fluoro ankle strips with flashing LEDs that Lidl or Aldi sell for a couple of quid or so for four.
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