new shoes new saddle height ?

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SIDI Ergo 2 current. DMT Prisma 2 on way, I use Time RXS pedals. Is there any difference in stack height between the SIDI and DMT and which way ?
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  • smidsy
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    Your effectively talking thickness of sole and footbed here so very unlikely to be significant - different pedals maybe but not shoes alone IMO.
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  • Team4Luke
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    yes am sure any minor difference can be absorbed by the knee, just thought would check for experience from others. So far have tried them on and fit nicely, don't need to be tight to be secure, cleats fitted and am happy with position on crank.
    56grm total saving over my SIDI too.
    Only gripe is, on the inner side of my shoe there seems to be excess material not taken up by the BOA, okay someone else's foot might fit into that better and I guess gives some expansion room, foot is well secure though and far less hot spots than the SIDI, need a few test rides now.
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