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Roadie maybe looking to expand to track

nickellisnickellis Posts: 239
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Hi all,

A bloke on my club rides reckons I might fair well on the track (I've got a have decent sprint) and don't really like hills.

How do I get into track cycling. Do velodromes host open evenings? can you hire track bikes?

I live n Saaf London, so Herne Hill is not a million miles away.
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    All the info is there.....its good fun!
  • racingcondorracingcondor Posts: 1,434
    I'm the same and plan on turning up at HHV around 10:45 on Saturday for Induction sign on. Looks like it takes 5-6 weeks of doing Novice and Intermediate training sessions before you are expected to be safe in race conditions (fair enough really) but then it's up to you.

    Also a good source of information for Herne Hill.(I've bumped it to the last page). If you're planning to ride the induction session this Saturday, get there early to avoid disappointment, as you'll see in the above forum.
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