A few questions..

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Hello one and all,

Just a few questions:

What road tyre(s) are the best to purchase? I am willing to spend a bit of money on a good set.

As I study in Glasgow most of the year the weather over winter isn't the greatest. Therefore, I'm thinking of buying a turbo trainer, what would you recommend? Do they make alot of noise when being used?




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    You should get some tyre recommendations and my tyre of choice is the Ultremo ZX HD. Around £40 apiece but if you shop around you can find them at closer to £30 each. Great roll, feel and grip and I have had no puncture issues. Last pair were good after 3000 miles and were sold on the bike when I sold on my last bike. Fitted a new pair to my new Madone and so far 1000 miles covered with no punctures, pitting or problems.

    Turbo trainer is great for bad weather days and getting a good session on the bike to keep up the training. I would fit a separate wheel and tyre on the bike for turbo use as they do wear tyres and you can get specific tyres for turbo use. They can generate a bit of noise but not intrusive and a lot quieter than rollers in my experience.

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    Tires - Schwalbe Ultremo ZX and Continental GP4000 seem to be most popular given previous threads.

    Turbo trainer - it depends on your budget, buy what you can afford. Do they make a lot of noise - yes, you won't want it in the front room whilst the other half is trying to watch telly.

    Take a look at previous threads like this one.

    Or try using the Search function like this.
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    Glasgow is tropical compared to Aviemore! Get some winter clothes and ride, much more fun than a turbo. I got a used turbo for 50 quid on ebay, it was soul destroying and you sweat in unbelievable volumes. Sold it on ebay for 50 quid too.

    If you want a good all year tyre that works well on our silky smooth Scottish roads(!) and isn't heavy get a Specialized Roubaix Pro (280g / 25 quid).
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    Michelin pro 3 race tyres were reckoned to be pretty good, but cut up as they got older. They've been replaced by pro 4s, and they're supposed to be more durable. Also available for around £50 a pair.