MTB Skills Training - South Coast

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I think its about time I did some MTB Skills Training, I am based on the South Coast and ride the trails at QECP regularly and when I used to work in Wales a lot I rode at Afan, I have just got back from a long weekend in South Wales I rode Cwmcarn on the Friday, did W2 at Afan on the Saturday and then on Sunday rode Climax at Machynlleth, so I am very comfortable riding the trails etc

But, the issue is when there is a 12"/18" jump etc I'll happily ride off it, but anything more than 2' and i'm the first to head for the chicken run - every time I head out I convince myself I'm going to do the jump but at the last minute I always take the chicken run

I really want to start doing these jumps and any advice or suggestions on where to go / courses etc to get my confidence up so I can do them OR do I just need to get on and do it!!