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I've decided to treat myself and I've just purchased a Felt F2 (2012). In the past, I have been a victim of bike theft and I definitely want to make sure I've got everything right incase of a repeat.

Luckily, my fiancé allows me to keep my bikes in a room in the house (somehow). But I just wanted to make sure that in the situation of damage, theft etc etc It's best protected and I'm best protected with the impending costs!

I've trawled through various threads and sites with various types of insurance and security tags - but I wouldn't mind a few people letting me know of their experience with good insurers/security methods?

Currently the contents of the house is with M&S Insurance - which I believe is one of the few contents insurers to offer insurance on bikes over £1k.


Felt F2 Di2 [2012]
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    tags - if you have the frame number, then imho a tag adds little or no value

    insurance - m&s was one of the best options, i had good experience with them when i made an accident claim, but for new policies the terms changed so m&s may not be quite as good now

    locks - read first post in this thread (the first post is updated regularly)...
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