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ianevertonianeverton Posts: 231
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Just looking at replacing my cables and heard a lot of good things about Jagwire cable sets, however when I looked online they state they are only specified or fit Sram and Shimano and there is no mention re. Campag.

Surely they fit Campag groupsets don't they ????


  • marco67marco67 Posts: 91
    The last two jagwire sets I have bought worked with Campag - both 10 and 11 speed. The inner wires are double ended, Shimano/SRAM one end, Campag the other.
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  • ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
    I'd skip jagwire and go straight for gore... Much better cables, simply amazing!
  • eldudinoeldudino Posts: 170
    I've got Jagwire cables on my winter bike and they've performed faultlessly, making the old Tiagra feel new again. As above, they come with double-ended cables with a "C" or "S" marked on the stop to tell you which one to keep and which one to cut. Get some cable cutters to do the job though - I bought a pair in Screwfix for a fiver and they've worked fine.
  • phy2sll2phy2sll2 Posts: 680
    How well you fit them will determine how well they work, to a far greater extent than the brand.

    The Jagwire racers are fantastic, apart from the silly 'pop' ferrules which don't fit the brake stops properly.
  • keyser__sozekeyser__soze Posts: 2,067
    Can you replace Gore inners easily? They only seem to be sold as a complete system. If you snap/break an inner cable do you have to buy an entire new set of outers and inners? Could prove expensive.
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