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Cannondale T1 for touring

kneworldkneworld Posts: 2
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I've been looking to get a touring bike to replace my Trek 7.3FX, which has been on short tours up to 300K - 700K over the long weekends to 10 days, before this I was using an older steel (very heavy) non suspension MTB making the same type of trips. Now have been wanting to with the Trek 520, or Surly LHT for touring longer trips, with our plans to making a trip from Singapore to Hong Kong and the end of summer 2013 with hopes of many more tours while we have entered our retirement years. My partner is now awaiting a delivery on a VanNichols Ti Amazon, for her travels. Recently a 2009 Cannondale T1 (very low miles and looks almost like new) has become available which is fitted with Shimano Tiagra road drivetrain and only a double crankset, with 9 speed cassette. The original owner had bought it so he could haul is kid around as the T1 had a rack mounted for a child seat, now he has gone back to a true faster roadie. I do like this bike and want to get it but am split in trying to get a very hard to find Tiagra triple crankset or switch out the the whole of the gear set with MTB gears. Is there any comments or recommendations here on this matter. It's much appreciated to hear them.


  • CrankbrotherCrankbrother Posts: 1,695 ... IIBEPMCMAg

    Should do the trick ... Must've taken 10x longer to type your post than google '9 speed touring crankset' ...

    FWIW Cannondale touring bikes are fantastic ... My gf's mother had one for about 8 or 9 years and took it to china, iceland, all over the shop and it never missed a beat ... I used to pinch a shot if i hadn't taken a bike when we visited and it rode superbly well ... Better than my current Badboy ...
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