Online maps for Garmin Edge 705 mapping routes

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There seem to be a growing number of online mapping options available now :)

There`s Garmin Connect, Bike Route Toaster, MapMy Ride and Garmin Basecamp at least, all of which seem to be able to give .tcx files for import into my Edge 705. (or should I use .gpx Garmin files ?)

I would like to have a .tcx file with prompts (ie warn of turns etc).

I tried BRT at the weekend and although gave prompts for turns I found 1. that not all turns had prompts and 2 some directions were just plain wrong (ie TL showed as TR :( ). BRT also seemed to have prompts `locked` to the distance covered and not to where you were (so when I went off course prompts still showed at a set distance off the real course).

So are the other 3 possibilities better? Can I set my own prompts on key junctions and delete others eg on corners?

thanks :)


  • JamesB
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    anyone have any comments ?? thanks
  • rch30
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    Try Bikehike - its the best.
  • JamesB
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    Thanks for that; have just tried a short route and it seems quite good to use and like the personalisation of being able to put in course points :) rather than have it done by the program
  • If after bikeroutetoaster has created your route, you want to add in course notifications, you can do so very easily.

    Just click on a point (the little square box on the route) so it appears as a yellow 'flag', and then choose the 'Edit to course point' option and you can set the message you want to appear - right, left, straight etc.

    You can do the opposite to remove any unwanted course direction bleeps.
  • JamesB
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    again thanks for this help, will try that too :)