Barrel adjuster stop thread...

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Mrs M's road bike was pretty cheap (second hand) however it is fit for purpose apart from the front mech barrel adjuster stop on the frame in which the thread seems to be pretty much stripped. I bought some new barrel adjusters in case it was those that were at fault but sadly no.

Any suggestions for how the thread could be fixed, if at all?

It's an aluminium Dawes road frame. Like I say, nothing special, but works well for what she needs. TIA for any help!


  • topdude
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    An adjuster is not realy needed for the front mech but how about fitting an inline one to the cable.
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  • munkster
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    Yeah, I've put a Ritchey one on the brifter which works ok it's just I've had to put a ferrule at the stop which is a bit clunky...