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Hi, I have a simple question: how to train? How to make a plan?
I searched big number of sites, but I didn't found nothing uselles.

I need some plan for mountbike training. I ride races which are around 10km long.

Is it good to train monday - wednesday - friday like this:

20 minutes of easy cycling - warming up

then coming on a hill which is 2.5km long, and have 150m sea level difference, and climbing in 4 series, (around 12 minutes for one climb)?

Then easy ride 20 minutes - end of ride.

Thank You in advance, I hope You'll understande my English :)


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    Anyone know? :)
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    What tools do you have at your disposal? Turbo trainer, road bike, HRM, power meter? When are the races you're aiming for? Are you in your racing season now, or looking for races in a few months time?

    What you mention is interval training, which is very good for building up your power. However, if you don't have the endurance base to build up on top of, you're going to struggle, so if the interval sessions are all you do, then your training could be better.
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    First, thank's for answer :)

    I'm training for XC races, which are long about 10km, I don't have money for turbo trainer, HRM or power meter, I have just mountain bike. I'm in racing season, next race is 9.9., and that's my target. I train like this from 1.7., but I want to make a training plan which I'm going to use next year too, for next season's races.

    So, what's your suggest, what I should do for endurance, which exercises?
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    I think you should get out 4-5 days a week on the trails and have the over days as rest, but if your body is telling you to to your body.

    Get in some weight training, not so much upper body but try and build up some good strength in the legs..though upper body can only do you better. I wouldn't build up your upper body too much though as its extra weight.

    Try and focus on getting around your route as fast as possible. Push through it all the way, you will be building up week by week and at the end of the day you're building the relevant skills too suit at the same time.

    Also get a decent diet down you, do some research about proper nutrition and diets , you will need it as a racer.