Fulcrum Racing Quattro

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I have seen these wheels on wiggle on sale and they look like bargain! Has anyone got a set? There doesn't seem to be many reviews about.

I am looking to change over from the crap wheels that came with my Tricross since they wont take narrower tyres. I was originally looking at the racing 5 but thought I will be getting a new road bike next year, so might be better spending a bit more for some better wheels that can be moved onto that.


  • anthdci
    anthdci Posts: 543
    scrap it, ended up with the Fulcrum Racing 5 wheelset instead. Couldn't justify the extra £90 for the small difference. Got them for £167! Got some Conti Grand Prix GP4000s on order too. Cant wait to see the difference over the cheap alex rims and heavy marathon plus'.
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    I recommend the RC38 from cycle division.
    £200, and lighter with 38mm rims.
    I like them.
  • How does it compare to Zonda?
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