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I've been debating between getting a turbo or a set of rollers.

For rollers I'm looking at the Tacx t1000 Antares, I know with the next model up the t1100 Galaxia you can get out of the saddle. Is it safe / to get out of the saddle on standard rollers like the T1000 Antares.



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    Not sure specifically about the Antares, but I used Elite rollers (very similar) for a while and you can stand out the saddle, but it doesn't feel like you could really get any form of training from it, I just didn't feel safe putting much power down. That's maybe just me though! I have the Galaxias and would highly recommend them. You definitely can get out the saddle but even then I'm slightly cautious.

    But having used turbos and rollers, if it's out of the saddle efforts you're looking to do, get a turbo