Better wheels than Dura Ace 7900 C24 for the money?

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New bike came with bontrager race

Looking at Upgrading to an 'all round' wheel

Dura ace 7900c24
Mavic elite
Fulcrum R3
American classic 420B
Easton EA50
Hope RS
Campagno zondas

apologies is I haven't got full ref but looking to spend around £500-600, any wheels better value than DA 7900?

Deciding against deeper carbon aero wheels unless someone can convince me


  • Evil Laugh
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    No you're making the right choice.
  • napoleond
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    I've had the DAs, they were very light and smooth but flexy. The Elites are a lot stiffer and sturdier but not much heavier. I prefer the Elites but if you are a lightweight then the DAs should be bob on.
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  • Lifeboy123
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    My short list is DA or elites....but Napoleon thanks for the weight tip...I'm 80kg so not exactly a lightweight ?
  • styxd
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    Had builts obviously.

    New Stans Alphas on the best hubs you can afford. Lighter and more easily serviceable/repairable than factory wheels.
  • mamba80
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    DAs flex ??? - i know loads of folk who race on them.... including the Ralpha team who came down here 2yrs ago to race at Brentor and i didnt notice any of them being slowed down by their DA C24s
  • I've got the C24s and love them - feel is comparable to wheels costing twice as much, definitely recommended.

    I've had mine since last November and they're holding up wheel, just a couple of spokes have needed tightening (spoke keys come with the wheels).
  • smidsy
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    The AC 420 Aeros can be had for that money. I have some and am very pleased with them. 1530g for the pair and good and stiff for the climbs.
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  • colint
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    Can't beat them for the money imho, I'm a heavyweight at 95kg and haven't experienced any flex, some lads I know that put out much more power than me race on them and don't complain either
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  • ugo.santalucia
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    As usual,
    good and great until something happens (not necessarily the wheels' fault... you can crash, for instance), then you are left at the mercy of bike shops, importers and distributors, as spares are never ready available and they are silly priced.
    Normally a light rim retails for 50 pounds or so, but for factory wheels of this quality, we are looking at 150-200 for rim only...

    With similar money you can get a set of Royce UK made hubs built on the rim you want... maybe they will be 1500 grams instead of 1400, but we are talking a completely different ball game
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  • Evil Laugh
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    DAs are fine at 80kg. I peak at 85kg "Christmas weight" and I never troubled them.

    I ride Ksyrium slrs at the mo, the da are better IMO. Better hubs, road feel, cornering, much better in winds. The only thing I prefer on the ksyriums is the exalith surface which you pay £500 for as far as I can tell. The braking surface on the da is still superior to any other I have used but the exalith is the best.
  • jonomc4
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    I have been trying to decide between the Dura Ace 7900 C24 and the American Classic Aero 3.

    Lucky I don't have spare cash right now as I cannot make my mind up.