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Tired of Tyres and all the choices

RulebritaniaRulebritania Posts: 209
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As other posts indicate I am dipping my toes into road cycling But its soooo hard and full of choices to be made.
So far in my amazon basket I have:

Schwalbe Lugano 700c x 23mm Black Tyre, Puncture protection. Price: £12.18
Schwalbe blizzard Sport Road Tyres (PAIR) 700x23c (BLACK) Price: £19.99
Continental Ultra Gatorskin Wire Black 700x23c (BLACK) Price: £26.99

Which pair to go for or do I go for something else

MET Terra Soft Matt MTB Helmet - Black, 54-61cm at £51.70

Is it safe? or can I get a cheaper and safer one?

And as for a cushioned racing saddle well I do not know where to start as I have an injury to my ischium which require a soft one.
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  • i had gator skins and they are ok good grip and protection from the nasty bits on the road , cant comment on the others as i have not had them :D
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  • best tyres for puncture protection I have had are the Continental 4 season, might be a bit pricey on the initial set up but will pay for themselves when your not spending time changing tubes every 5 mins or so. Ive had 2 sets in 5 years and covered a good few thousands of miles and will get them again when needed.

    As for the saddle, I don't think racing and cushioned go together in the same sentence :wink:
  • DougallDougall Posts: 49
    +1 for Conti 4 Seasons.

    Had mine for around 3 years & ridden on some really terrible condiitons & roads with them & had maybe 3 or 4 punctures max in that time.
    They will probably need replacing this year but will get them again.
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