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Hi, my first post!

I have flat feet, especially my left foot, and have custom orthotics that I wear in my everyday shoes, since I started road cycling 18 months ago I have put these in my cycling shoes (DHB mountain bike shoes, basic Shimano SPD pedals) but even although I have set up the cleats best possible, my left heal touches the chain stay and the crank when out of the saddle, and I keep hurting my knee and have to stop cycling for a week/10 days, then build up gently again. I am getting v. frustrated!

does any body know a good bike fitter/physio/podiatrist or all 3 in the bournemouth, Southampton area or within reasonable distance? I have thought about upgrading my bike as I have done about 7000 miles so far in a trek 1.1,
but I think getting my knee sorted may better spent money.

any advice gratefully received


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    Never use normal orthotics in shoes that are designed for specific sports (cycling, skiing, snowboarding, etc.). The press is completely different and the support needs to be propriety to the activity in question. First thing you need is a proper bike fit as it sounds like your cleat position is off. After that if off the shelf footbeds don't work (Specialized, Sidas, Superfeet) then you'll need something custom. The two best fitters in the country are Pro-feet in London and Solutions4Feet in Bicester. They're the only two I'd trust. Not cheap but they'll guarantee their work.
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