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Rear Hub Bearings Gone?

grindingearsgrindingears Posts: 3
edited August 2012 in MTB workshop & tech
Took my rear hub apart at the weekend (it's a Kore hub with ball bearings as opposed to a sealed bearing), replaced the balls as the old ones were dull but the cone and cups had pitting. Once I'd reinstalled the wheel and gave it a spin I held my head against the frame and I could still hear loads of grinding. So I'm guessing the cups, cones and other hub parts need replacing.

I've looked online for Kore hub spares and can't find anywhere that lists them. I've no idea what model the hub is as I don't have a list of parts for my bike. So, should I consider buying a new hub that takes sealed bearings? Or should I just get another hub that takes ball bearings? If I buy a new hub could I realistically replace the my current hub myself? Is there an art to making a wheel true?

Cheers, dudes!


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    The bearing will be sealed. Just to clear that up.

    Take it to an LBS and they will have the bits or will advise if it is dead.

    I would expect it to be fine just not adjusted correctly.

    But you have said the cone were pitted or was that a typo?
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  • Yeah. Pitted. I think that's the term anyway. The surfaces where the cone meets the bearings and where the ball bearings sit in the cup isn't super smooth. ... /hub74.jpg

    Found the above pic which shows the parts I'm referring too, except of course there's a cap which holds the balls in place on mine.
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