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Hi all, new to here.

My Girlfriend has a Madone 5.5 WSD with SRAM Force throughout (except for Apex brakes) and have had nothing but problems with the front mech dropping the chain. This has resulted in ripping off the metal frame protector and marking the carbon. Now we've fitted a K-Edge chain catcher on there and it just jams (saves the frame though).
It's been to several shops to be looked at and adjusted (including mechanics that I've relied on for years). Thoroughly fed up with this now as it's been like this since day 1 and have decided to go back to Shimano, probably Ultegra Di2.

My question is can I just replace the levers/shifters, and F+R mechs and keep the cranks, chain and brakes as they have performed flawlessly. I assume the cranks will still be compatible as many bikes run different cranks with Shimano.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I need this problem sorted by September when I ride Land's End to John O'Groats.

Tom KP


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    Those mechanics you've relied on for years may not be as reliable as you think maybe? SRAM derailleurs can be set up simply enough and I use a Force front with a chain catcher too. Go on line and download the SRAM manual and have a go at it yourself before wasting money on replacing parts. If the derailleur isn't set up correctly it will no doubt continuously drop the chain. A SRAM crankset will work fine with Shimano derailleurs and shifters though if you do change. Let me know how much you want for your "faulty" derailleurs and shifters. :wink:
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  • Cheers, thought as much, I'll give it a bash. I think I've sorted it, I reckon she's just got a wonky way of shifting ;-)
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    Had no problems with my SRAM Rival. Is she shifting under load?

    Second on the parts if you do sell ;)
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    The chain catcher is there to stop the chain dropping off. Clearly something isn't set up right.
  • pre 2012 sram front mechs are known to be made of cheese and very flexy, if you are running a double then you can fit a shimano front mech with some adjusting.
    Or a new sram front mech with the new parallelogram design
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    Both SRAM front mechs I use are 2010 and not a problem and of the others I ride with who use SRAM their's are pre 2012 too. I can't find any evidence on a trawl to suggest early SRAM derailleurs were "made of cheese"?
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