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Travelling to Morzine alone?

El zilchoEl zilcho Posts: 73
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Hi, I'm planning a trip to the Alps for some riding in early September. Unfortunately none of my friends has free time then so I'll be looking at going on my own. Has anyone else tried this and if so do you have any guidance on how practical is it? Can you find people to ride with once out there (or is anyone else planning to be there at that time)? Also, can anyone recommend budget places to stay for a lone traveller? I've done some research into what sort of bike to take and such like, it's just that most of the information about accommodation is based on large groups of people.

Many thanks,



  • targa27targa27 Posts: 3
    Hi Tom,
    I went alone just last month. Stopped off with my wife and young baby for 3 day on the way home from lake garda.
    I printed majzski detailed guide from another thread which was great....would have found it a bit daunting otherwise. Simply bought my liftpass and did the runs in the order he wrote for the first day, then you will know your way around well enough to go back over the bits you liked.
    I didnt really find people to ride with but there are so many on every run that you never feel alone.
  • MajskiMajski Posts: 443
    Glad to hear that helped! I'll try find the post and link it here. A mate of mine went on his own and stayed somewhere that specialises in single travellers. I'll see him at the weekend and ask him the name of the place.

    Targa - did you find your way around ok? Do the full loop on day1?
  • Thanks guys.

    Majski, I've got your thread bookmarked already.
    Targa, thanks for that. I was a bit worrid about being miles from anywhere on my own but if the trails are fairly well used then that's fine.

    I've booked into a chalet that takes single bookings so once I get back (early September) I'll update this to give some more information. Now I just need to resist the temptation to buy lots of new kit.
  • targa27targa27 Posts: 3
    I did the les gets loop in one day, plus the golf xc etc.
    Following day went up super morzine , linderets (sp) etc but felt more comfortable round les gets so stayed there on day 3.
    thanks again!
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