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morleyman200morleyman200 Posts: 513
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looking at going to whistler park next year, around june ish, avoid the peak season.

I understand the main scene is the downhill and the bike park, and i will be doing a bit of that.

i understand whistler has a lot of all mountain single track trails, im wondering what are they like in comparison to stuff in the UK and alps, also are they well sign posted, as ideally dont want to spend a load of money on trail guides, or are guides worth the dollar?



  • poppitpoppit Posts: 926
    There is the lost lakes area which is great fun, a succession of short, named, signposted technical routes linked by flowing doubletrack. Also lots of marked singletrack routes, best to buy one of the guidebooks while you are there for them. The other option is to book a guide for the day, they'll then show you some good routes e.g river runs through it, function junction, etc, etc.
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