Intense pain in feet

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I decided to give the commuter a go as I wanted a quick ride round the local village and after about 1/2 way through the ride on a fairly long road section I got a very painful sensation in my feet. I had to stop, it was that bad.

I've never had any pain like that on my MTB before. I'm wondering whether it's anything to do with the riding position? On my MTB I'm placed over the front with the bars lower than the seat. On the commuter the bars are higher causing me to sit more upright. Could it be that I am placing to much pressure on the outside of my foot because of it?



  • YeehaaMcgee
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    Probably the pedals, or shoes. If I run narrow pedals then I get aching in my feet, and the same goes for very soft shoes.
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    Soak your feet with some peppermint salts, it always gives my a strange 'cold-hot' sensation that relieves me from aches and pains. All I can think of as a cause would be unsuitable shoes? Narrow pedals? If you had any previous injuries that was probably a warning sign that you should stop until you have healed up.