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new pads where to bleed?

Cycling is ForeverCycling is Forever Posts: 210
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did a quick search but didn't get the exact answer I was looking for

brakes: avid juicy 3
new pads: superstar Kevlar

I pushed the pistons back before installing new pads as the new pads are a little thicker I need to release a little fluid to allow the pistons to push back a bit more

My quick question is

Should I bleed at the caliper or at the lever? I think at the caliper but would like some reassurance before doing it

Cheers to anyone not watching the Olympics or out riding who can help



  • estampidaestampida Posts: 1,008
    shouldn't need a bleed

    place the pads and a pad separator in the calliper

    then flick the brake lever to move pistons (has to be a flick as it is resetting the poppet valve inside the master cylinder)

    do this a few times the slave cylinders should stay well inside the calliper once you remove the pad separator
  • Well i haven't quite done what you have suggested estampida but I know the pistons wont go back any further I never touched these brakes since new and the pistons need to go back a bit more to accommodate the new pads
    I assume I have a little to much fluid inside?
    I'll give your suggestion a try first cheers
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,804
    If you need to let some fluid out, just let some out at the lever, you won't be bleeding it just letting excess fluid out.
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