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Good bib shorts

coopsman1coopsman1 Posts: 337
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I am looking to buy some decent bib shorts after really getting into cycling more. My first set of bib shorts were a £30 set off ebay because the shorts came with a jersey. What should I be looking for in bib shorts? Is there anything that seperates the best from the cheap?

Any help would be appreciated.


  • adm1adm1 Posts: 180
    If you can afford them (even if you have to scrimp and save), you won't regret buying Assos bibs.

    Otherwise, dhb make good value pairs.

    The things that make the difference? Cut, number of panels, quality of stitching, fabric selection and of course, the quality of the chamois pad.
  • carrockcarrock Posts: 1,103
    giordana from ribble. almost as good as Assos, but about half the price.
  • JesseDJesseD Posts: 1,961
    carrock wrote:
    giordana from ribble. almost as good as Assos, but about half the price.

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  • ScrumpleScrumple Posts: 2,665
    santini gel pads

    look for some team shorts from previous seasons with the top pads from each make (assos excluded as they don't tend to crop up in team shorts). You can pften pick up great pads in sale shorts - mainly due to the changing teams and styles.
  • kentphilkentphil Posts: 479
    my Endura Fs260 bib shorts have been fantastic.
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  • DHB Aeron Pros. Just read the reviews.
  • adm1adm1 Posts: 180
    DHB Aeron Pros. Just read the reviews.

    I have some, and they are nice shorts, no doubt about it. But they aren't a patch on Assos. My Aerons are made of thinner material, with much more give and less compression. The cut isn't as good, the leg grippers are nowhere near as good (and are a bit frayed now), and despite being a year newer - and so having been washed less - they have faded more.

    Don't get me wrong - they are a good par of shorts and are half the price of a pair of Assos Mille bibs, but the next pair of shorts I buy will be another pair of Assos even at twice the price.

    Having said that, the Aeron's are nicer to ride in Florida (which is where I am right now) due to the heat here and their lighter material.
  • giant_mangiant_man Posts: 6,878
    You won't go wrong with Assos, expensive yes but the best, probably. I don't wear any other make, and I have had a lot of different makes.
  • ctcctc Posts: 232
    Sugoi RS BIb shorts - you can get them for about £60 and they are excellent
  • upperoilcanupperoilcan Posts: 1,180
    Castelli Free Aero bib shorts are where it's at...
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  • nicknicknicknick Posts: 535
    After my first pair of Assos I've used Giordana, Santini, Castelli, Endura, then back to Assos, nothing compares for fit and comfort and nothing lasts as long. The Castelli's are my second favourites.

    I tried some DHB race after reading the reviews on wiggle and I find them horrendous quality, and they don't look half as good as they do in the photos on wiggle. Don't waste your money!
  • mrushtonmrushton Posts: 5,182
    Assos are getting ridiculous in price and not getting better in quality imo. I've got Assos Mille of various ages and the older S2 stuff is slightly better. Castelli are always nice, Giordana are good vfm as are Santini (Prendas) . I'd try a good pair of Giordana or Santini before throwing £150 away on Assos (Not sure what the price is now). They all rip when you hit the deck or have something abrasive on the saddle
  • Sorry, I wasn't suggesting the DHB Aeron Pros compare to the elite brands (although I do find their fit is better than my Assos F1 Unos even if their fabric is not). It's just from the OP's first £30 pair I thought it might be a good next step.

    I would not consider any of the other DHB shorts.
  • maddog 2maddog 2 Posts: 8,114
    Giordanas here too. Castelli Free Aero are good but a bit short in the leg for me. Don't overlook Gore for decent sub-£75 shorts either. I have two pairs of 3/4s which get used day in day out and they are excellent. I've tried Assos and they are well made but don't justify the extra £ for me.
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  • ScrumpleScrumple Posts: 2,665
    yeah, forgot gore

    great stuff all round! Love my Xenon
  • neilr4neilr4 Posts: 161
    Coming back riding after 10 years and trying to skimp some gear together on a budget I've started with craft shorts with coolmax padding for €15 ebay (good especially for that money!) and last weekend bit my tongue and purchased santini nero gel padding for €135 which I found to be MEGA money for bib shorts until I rode in them..... There just are no words to describe the difference in comfort of gel padding! I have a saddle sore the past 2 weeks so was expecting some discomfort but had none, absolutely amazing!!

    Now I get what all the fuss is about purchasing good shorts!!!
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