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Cleaning, tools and maintenance recommendations

jimmmjimmm Posts: 202
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I purchased my first road bike - CAAD10 105 - last weekend. To ensure my new bike and its parts last longer (and also so it looks nice and shiny!); I am looking for advice on what cleaning, and tools and maintenance products I should have.

What I have so far on my cleaning shopping list is:
- Muc-Off Nano Tech Bike Cleaner 1 Litre Bottle with Spray
- Muc-Off Premium Microfibre Polishing Cloth
- Muc-Off Expanding Sponge
- Muc-Off 3 Cleaning Brush Set
- Park Tools CG-2 Chain Gang Chain Cleaner Set
- Finish Line Dry Teflon Lubricant 120ml Bottle

What else should I have on my shopping list to make sure my bike is running smoothly, and so that the parts last longer? Reading into how often the chain should be cleaned brings up varied answers. What's the general consensus on this? I have the Shimano 105 groupset and read (on another messageboard) that the chain and cassette will most likely only last around 1,200 miles according to Shimano themselves. I find this quite hard to believe, unless of course the chain and cassette weren't being properly looked after?!

Tool and maintenance wise all I have at present is the Crank Brothers 19 Function Multi Tool, floor pump, mini pump, inner tubes and tyre levers. I'm looking to pick up a spoke key, so I can true my wheels as and when needed. What other tools should every cyclist own at home for general maintenance?


  • Here's what I use:

    Muc Off Cleaner
    Park Tools Chain Brite
    Purple Harry floss - soft for the carbon/bling bits and hard for cassettes and in between the chain links
    Old socks
    Old pants
    Old t shirts
    A dishcloth
    A toothbrush
    Cotton buds
    A mini nail brush

    For frame care:
    Mr Sheen
    An old duster
    A micro fibre cloth bought from Lidl for a quid

    You don't need to buy all that branded stuff. The Purple Harry floss is a good investment - you can get a three pack on eBay - and the Chain Brite can be used all over the bike and it gets rid of oil stains on your jersey too!
  • dbbdbb Posts: 323
    or just use baby wipes
  • ScrumpleScrumple Posts: 2,665
    Baby wipes, hosepipe on low, and perhaps some muc off if it's grim.

    Old toothbrush, maybe, and a chain cleaner for winter.

    Brushes are a waste of money.
  • bikeit65bikeit65 Posts: 982
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    Be very careful with Muc Off, if you leave this stuff on too long it will melt the decals on the bike and discolor your brakes cranks etc if they are sliver, if you are unsure dilute the Muc Off.
    A work colleague had a six month old Trek bike bike ruined with Muc off.
    Baby wipes are good, and i use Flash All Purpose Cleaner diluted to your own dilution rate.
    As for the frame use car wax the hard type like AG HD wax a lot better that Mr Sheen and will last six to eight months depending on how often you wash your bike.
    Stay away from pressure washers.
    To make cleaning the chain easier fit a speed link it makes life a lot easier.
    If you need any advise on frame cleaning protection PM me as i do a lot of Car and bike detailing and im more that happy to help.
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  • Bucket of hot water
    Wilko's car wash and wax
    Wilko's car polish
    GT85 spray
    Muc off degreaser
    Finish line wet lubricant
    Sponge, old toothbrush, washing up brush, assortment of cloths and rags.
  • giant_mangiant_man Posts: 6,878
    Baby wipes
    Purple Harry's bike floss
    Kitchen Towel
    fresh lube
    Pedros Bike Lust polish
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