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Olympic team frames etc

TheEnglishmanTheEnglishman Posts: 587
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Anyone tempted by any of the Team GB bikes?

No prices as of yet. i guess if you need to know you can't afford it. I'd like one of the road helmets though. But won't like the price.


  • fossyantfossyant Posts: 2,549
    £20k was quoted for a track bike.

    Wondered how they got round the 'bike has to be on sale to the General Public' rule from the UCI - well done the secret squirrels, as last year it was looking doubtful they would get around the rule.
  • meesterbondmeesterbond Posts: 1,240
    Someone on Weight Weenies contacted UK Sport and was quoted £11k for road frame, forks and seatpost. 6 month lead time.

    Good job they never actually needed to sell any!
  • The helmet is 3k
  • nickellisnickellis Posts: 239
    Exactly like the FIA homologation rules for sportcar racing.

    Manufacturer used to have to make 50 road legal versions of the Le Mans series cars available for sale. Obviously being so rare they were going for £1m to Sultans and Russian Oligarchs.

    They might as well not bother with the rule, as hardly anyone will take them up on it except maybe rival teams / countries looking to steal development secrets. (Which is probably the reason)
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  • GabboGabbo Posts: 864
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