Which spd's?

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Hi guys wnated to post more on the title to explain but couldn't get it concise!!!
I have used pearl izumi mtb shoes for years with traditional spd cleats (sunken) in to the base of the shoe. These are coming to an end and wanting to cycle more regularly and for longer rides i have got new shoes.
They take both spd cleats and sl style. I have currently fitted them with traditional spd cleats and have do a few lps of my road.

What i'm after is what people think of having the spd cleat proud of the shoe (like a clipless) and whether it is as effective as a sleat sunken into the shoe?

Do you get as much power? Maybe it's phsycological but it only feels like my power is going through a small part of my foot around the cleat. where as with mtb sunken style it feels as if you get more power through the pedal?
i need to go for a ride to really tell i know, but i'd be very interested in peoples views?
cheers jon


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    I use both types regularly and I actually prefer the raised cleat (I use Look). Recessed cleats have an advantage of being able to walk around easier with your shoes on.
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    My DHB shoes accept both cleats but with them being road shoes the SPD cleats stick proud. Originally I ran the SPD cleats just because I already had them and the pedals. Recently I switched to SPD-SL cleats and pedals and it feels much more stable, and is actually easier to walk in due to the cleats being larger and flatter, plus I was getting some foot pain climbing (guess due to smaller surface area) which I dont get anymore. SPD-SL is no harder to clip into either IMO, the big advantage I found with MTB shoes if using the tread on the bottom you could pedal without actually clipping in full (useful for crossing road etc) but with bottoms being smooth on road shoes you loose this. Basically I think if you run SPD's on road shoes you get the disadvanages (smaller surface area) without really any of the advantages (recessed cleats/ease of clipping in).
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    Thanks gents for our views. The dhb shoe you describe is the same set up i'm using on my sepcialized shoe. I figured looking at them last night you don't loose anything in terms of performance. as in reailty the spd on mtb shoes (recessed) is sticking proud of the shoe it's just the sides that give the illusion it isn't. I am hoping to go for a ride or two at the weekend so will see how they go? cheers jon
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    A long as you use the road cleat with the pontoons put the sides you should be stable enough.