Cleat positioning?

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I am using Spd cleats with shimano double sided pedals, when riding my right inner thigh occasionally rubs against the top tube, if I move the cleat inward a touch on my right shoe, will this cure the problem, well not too much of a problem really, but noticeable. When I fitted the pedals I backed the tension right off and now my feet feel a bit loose in the pedals, answering my own question here, I suppose the cleats wear and I need to increase the tension say half a turn?


  • mkviken
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    i had the same issue my right knee sometimes rubbed the frame

    i was trying different things today and by moving the cleat almost as far to the inside as it would go gave me a lot more knee room and felt more comfortable too. i also moved the cleat back about 5mm and i found i could get more force through the pedal. they were set to around where my big toe 2nd knuckle is so was maybe using my toes too much to pedal