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In the last couple of sportives I've taken part in I've seen people riding in personalised Team Sky jerseys with their surnames running down the side. Does anyone know where these could be ordered and purchased?

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  • They're probably Sky Velo members
  • ilm_zero7
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    but be very aware they are ultra poor quality and the one I saw someone in had his name down both flanks - right way up on one side, upside down on the other - classic!

    however this link looks official, so maybe the printing will be ok
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  • The Velo stuff is 100% official. A mate down south is member and I've seen the kit. But I think for now you need to either work for Sky or be friends and family to get mebership and your jersey.
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    Cheers for the responses guys.
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    2010 Specialized Allez
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    You could club together with the rest of your surgery and negotiate a bulk discount.
  • They're the same as what the pro team have (full zip, tight fit etc) direct from Adidas. The green ones are from the events the employees did during the year and the blue for the Sky Velo guys. Not sure if they're available outside of that.