Where does this protective film go?

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just got a new bike and this came with it but doesn't say in the manual where it goes.

it appears pre cut for a certain place and even has a pre cut hole but the hole doesn't line up with bottle cages etc

can't really see where this would go other than maybe the underside of the down tube to stop stone chips?

any ideas?


one more thing - is it worth fitting some similar film to the chain stay to try and protect it there or is it a wast of time?

my mountain bike came with it already applied there any it seems to have protected the paint but looks tatty as the film is worn now



  • pinarellokid
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    first place to put this is on the top of the top tube i would say
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  • Wirral_paul
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    Right hand chainstay - to protect your paintwork from the chain would be the obvious place.
  • mkviken
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    i decided to cut it up and i fitted it to the chain stay, left side one too (same area- dunno what its called), also fitted to front of forks and there is 1 toni area cables may rub

    its very discreet and can't be seen. looks ok.

    if it discolours/gets scratched like my MTB i will keep replacing it.
  • lakeland
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    Put your handlebars at full left lock, then move to full right lock and watch to see where the cables rub.
  • I'd say that it was for the chainstay. Mine was.
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  • mkviken
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    lakeland wrote:
    Put your handlebars at full left lock, then move to full right lock and watch to see where the cables rub.

    all the cables are either internal routed or have guides attached to the frame. there was one that was rubbing but i already applied a small sticker there.
  • lakeland
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    This is where I'd put them, depending if the cables touch the frame at and point, usually at the front when the bars are at lock. I also put some on the fork where my cycle computer is attached so the cable ties can't scuff the paint

  • mkviken
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    yeah id already put some on the forks and under the sensor

    i might get another roll of it for under the down tube otherwise it seems pretty well protected.
  • Velonutter
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    I put a strip under the downtube on my Cervelo and Colangos, a strip at the top under the bridge on the rear and front forks, I wrap over the right chainstay and put some more where I expect tyre rob, you can't see it and it works a treat.
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    Like the idea of keeping the bike in the lounge, central focal point, much better to look at than a TV :D
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    chainstay, left and right above forks where the cables flip over, also perhaps left side where the brake cable is. Just depends on frame/fixings one of my bikes has metal hoops so you don't get rubbing.
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