Brake upgrade, or just pads

Green Lantern
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I have a Trek bike with Alloy dual-pivot brakes (Tektro?). I am thinking about getting Ultegra brakes on my bike. (I have so far upgraded my front and rear derai'ls from 105 to Ultegra).

I am thinking about the upgrade for two reasons. I was told by a couple of people that the Ultegra will offer a more secure feel when applying the brakes. The brake pads are much improved over the ones on the Trek.

Do you think I will really notice a difference from the stock brakes to Ultegra or should I just consider saving my money and only replace only the pads?


  • essjaydee
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    I'd change the pads first.
    I bought some swisstop greens and the difference was amazing 8)
  • sungod
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    as above, pads

    make sure the brakes are correctly adjusted, with decent pads and set-up the tektro should be fine
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  • Thanks for the reply; it seems that there is a lot of decent components out there and not worth switching unless;
    a. Your having a problem with the component.
    b. You want to reduce the weight of the bike.
    c. You just want to have the named group on your bike.