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I know nothing ... please help!

LuxMontyLuxMonty Posts: 7
edited August 2012 in Road buying advice

This is my first post, as I'm a newbie, and I am about to buy my first ever bike at the tender age of 39! The last bike I had was when I was a kid and I got it for Christmas!

Anyway, I have spent weeks narrowing down my options (mostly based on reviews and comments here) and have just about got it down to a choice of 2:

2012 Giant Defy 1 (triple)
2011 Trek Cyclocross XO1 (compact)

They are both being sold by my LBS, here in Luxembourg, and the XO1 is on promo so is the same price as the Defy1.

I really can't make up my mind so any help/advice would be massively appreciated!


  • Rod11Rod11 Posts: 293
    Great to hear you're getting back on a bike!

    Depends what you're hoping to do really. The two bikes you've mentioned are slightly different to one another - if you're looking to just ride on roads then the Giant would be more suited, but if you're going to be riding on rougher roads and tracks then the Trek would be better. The main difference being the wheels on the Trek are wider and it can take a bit more of a beating, whereas the Giant has much narrower tires.

    Hope that's some help!
  • Thanks Jack, that's much appreciated!
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