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I am on a limited diet that excludes all dairy products, also yeast and wheat intolerant.

I am struggling with diet now I have started cycling again. Aged 55 and 8 weeks into recovery time after having my cartilage operation.
How many calories a day should I be taking in, doing about 20 miles a ride trying to do 3 rides a week now, but having to build up slowly re op?

Lost 2stone 6Lbs since February intentionally, but feeling a little low and frustrated re food and energy.

Any ideas anyone? Do not suggest soya please :(

Also on anti coagulations so that limits even more.


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  • I'm sorry to hear you're struggling, j1200k - you do sound a bit fed up!

    What exactly are you trying to achieve at the moment? Regaining your fitness, losing more weight, fuelling your rides, finding more interesting recipes?

    Well done for your weight loss since February!
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    Esmerelda, I am looking for all of those. Yes a tad fed up. Trying to get to about 50 miles per ride. Increasing by about a 10th every other ride.

    Mainly regaining fitness as I hope the weight will follow.
  • Okay, so it makes sense to focus on the normal principles of an athlete's diet, modified to suit your restrictions. There's plenty of information out there at the moment!

    Do you prefer to cook from scratch, or sometimes use ready-meals?

    Would it help to have a buddy to train with? Are your rides on- or off-road? Whereabouts do you live, j1200k?
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    Always cook from scratch, never use anything processed.

    Rides are both on road and cycle trails. Live on the Leicestershire/Derbyshire border.

    Would not mind a buddy to go with but I work odd hours like 6.00-11.30 then 16.00-21.00. Can sometimes get out in the afternoon but it is on a daily wait and see.

    Hubby is a cyclist to, but he does at the moment about 45 miles and told him I do not want to hold him back. He is trying himself to get back up to the 100 mile ride a session.
  • <Take a look on here. I've had problems loosing weight, felt like i couldn't jog,cycle felt 100% crap. Started using Herbalife lost some weight and feel good cycling also jogging has improved loads. It takes time fast fix's never work.
  • At first, I thought your working hours must make it difficult to eat "normal meals", but on reflection, perhaps it's not dissimilar to an athlete's eating pattern:
    (but not the 6000 calories!)

    There are a few useful articles on this website:
    but perhaps you'll get a better response if you re-post on the busier Road Forums (rather than Mountain Biking - Women)

    Good luck!
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    Hey there, I've been following a yeast and dairy free diet for about 10 years, admittedly, I don't stick to it but I don't get the reactions like I used to thankfully.

    When I first changed my diet I used this book to give me some cooking tips ... 0722540221
    The bonus being that a lot of the recipes have suggestions of substitutions to suit different requirements.

    Have you tried rice, almond or goats milk? I used to prefer rice milk but have gone back to soya now..

    As far as getting energy for your rides, just make sure you're eating plenty of fruit/veg, carbs and protein. Pasta is obviously a cyclists friend, but not yours. Although most supermarkets now stock corn based pasta in their 'special diets' section, and it's not all that different from traditional pasta.
  • If its the DR that has advised you to eat like this then they should be providing you with some help. They provide help and support for celiacs, diabetics etc.
    If you have decided to exclude all dairy, then the obvious alternatives are soya, quark,goats milk and goats cheese,rice milk etc. You can get dairy free yoghurts e.g Alpro.
    Alternatives to wheat are things like rice based crackers etc and gluten free products all available at Major Supermarkets.They usually have a special section for wheat free stuff.
    You should be eating around 2,000 calories per day if you dont want to lose weight,less if you do.
    if you eat plenty of fruit, vegetables, protein like fish, chicken, quorn etc and starches like some potatoes, rice, pasta etc.You will be in the right direction.
    Also if you are slimming no pop, not even diet pop as the body cant tell the difference. Have water with a small dash of cordial.
  • j1200k wrote:
    How many calories a day should I be taking in, doing about 20 miles a ride trying to do 3 rides a week now, but having to build up slowly re op?

    My Fitness Pal could give you a hand with this.

    Enter your body measurements and weight loss/maintain weight requirements and it will calculate your daily calorie allowance. When you log exercise it will automatically increase your calorie intake for that day.