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First road bike

TalonTalon Posts: 5
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Hi ive just got back into cycling in an attempt to get fit and i love it. my problem is im using my hardtial and ride exclusively on the road. as my employer has just started the cycle2work scheme i thought id get a road bike. there seems to be a lot of choice in my 1k budget but the standouts do far are.

Giant defy 1 i live in hertfordshire and there is a giant dealer nearby which is helpful.

Khs flite 500 ak2 as it seemdls a great spec for the money but online only?

And finally the cube peloton again good spec for the money

which would be recomended for my first bike? Thanks for any help


  • The Defy 1 has won numurous bike mag tests this season so thats a start and its got a great beginners setup for £1k but bear in mind if you employers limit is £1k youll have nothing left for the other 'essentials' your probably going to need.
    2012 Giant TCR Composite 3
  • duglissdugliss Posts: 235
    Go into the Giant shop in Radlett, they`re more than helpful regarding frame sizes and trying out the bike without pushing a sale on you
  • TalonTalon Posts: 5
    Ive been in there, they were very helpful however they had no of the current model in my size in stock, and couldnt give me any details when the new ones are released etc which has put me off a bit as my scheme only runs until september.

    The gear is'nt to much of an issue, just thought as I get a discount on the bike i may as well get the best I can afford.
  • Just go into a shop and try one.

    £1000 will get you one hell of a first bike; at that price you cannot go wrong whatsoever. You could buy an old banger on eBay for £50 and it would be (or could be made to be) more than good enough; probably for a good while. So just get the one that fits you best, and don't be afraid to spend less, as there are plenty of other things you'll need. :)
  • Giants 2013 range won't be in stores till at least October - they are low in stock on some models I think I got one of the last TCRs - go back and ask them what's availible they should be able to tell you that way you can then whittle it down to the models you can get.
    All the Defy models have the same frame just the 3.2.1 come with carbon fork.
    2012 Giant TCR Composite 3
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